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Steps To Follow

1. First thing you want to do is find the product you want to order. This is by browsing our various categories which appear at the top of the home page or simply searching the product by typing it into the search bar located on the top corner 

2. Secondly, select product quantity as you wish to order and Add to Cart after which you click on the cart button and click the ” Proceed To Checkout ” button

3. Now you will be on the checkout page where you need to enter your billing address. Your billing address can also be your shipping address, however, if you have a different mailing address from your billing address then check the small box on the top right which says ” Deliver To A Different Address ” and a drop-down form will appear where you now enter the different mailing address

4. After that,  select your preferred method of payment after which you click on the ” Place Order ” button at the bottom right 

5. Your order has now successfully been submitted and a payment confirmation will be sent to you via your billing email with the details of your preferred method of payment. Note that the order will not be mailed/shipped out until payment is received for that order

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