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Payment Options

1) Bitcoins

We do NOT process credit/debit cards and bank payments directly (you may click here to find out why). It’s private, safer, and more secure to pay us using bitcoin. Lucky enough it’s very easy to buy bitcoin online using your Credit/Debit Card or Bank Account.

Where to Buy Bitcoin Online with Credit Card, Debit Card or Bank Account

You can use your Credit Card, Debit Card, or Bank Account to buy bitcoin online on the following websites

The above websites work almost the same way. Below is a general procedure.

How to Buy Bitcoin Online with Credit Card, Debit Card or Bank Account

  1. Create an account on any of the bitcoin exchanges listed above (or any other popular service you’re used to).
  2. Add a funding source that will be used to pay for the bitcoin. E.g credit card or debit card (preferably debit card) or bank account.
  3. Use the added funding source to purchase bitcoin.
  4. Transfer the bitcoin from your account to the bitcoin wallet address specified above (or to any other wallet address we sent to you via email).

Not every transaction is instant. It might take minutes to hours 9and in some cases days) before the transaction is final. You may also be required to verify your account.You will submit your credit card via a trusted third party who will verify your details and approve the transaction.

How to Buy Bitcoin with Cash in a Physical Store

You might be living right next to a Liberty X location (store) without even knowing. To buy bitcoins offline with cash and other options, please visit Liberty X at On this website, you’ll be able to search for Liberty X locations near you.

How to Buy Bitcoin at a Bitcoin ATM Machine

5000+ Bitcoin ATM in 70+ countries. All you need to do is to search for the nearest Bitcoin ATM at your location either on Coin ATM Radar at OR on Google Maps at 

How to operate the Bitcoin ATM Machine

At the ATM machine;

-Click “Buy Bitcoins”

-Provide mobile number

-Enter received validation code

-Scan fingerprint

-Select coin (which you need to select bitcoin)

-Choose to scan wallet

-Scan wallet QR code If chosen (Our QR code will be sent to you)

-Insert cash bills

-Click send

-Get printed receipt

2) Zelle

All you need with Zelle payment is our Zelle payment detail (Email & Name). After successful payment, you are requested to kindly send us a screenshot for verification and confirmation


With PayPal payment, clients are requested to pay under Friends and Family. After payment. We will send you our PayPal details (Email & Name) for payment and after payment,  send us a screenshot for confirmation

How to send PayPal Friends and Family

You don’t need any special configurations, therefore sending funds using PayPal Friends and Family should be simple if you follow the steps:

  1. Log in to the PayPal account
  2. Select “Send & Request”
  3. Input the recipient’s details using either the name, email address or phone number in the “Send Money” section
  4. Choose “Sending to a friend” when prompted
  5. Enter the payment amount and add a note, if desired
  6. Click Submit
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